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For users of the Android version of YouTube‘s mobile app, private browsing may soon become more accessible. Android Police has reported that YouTube’s Incognito Mode, previously only available on Android through a maze of menus, will be made “a little easier to go into.”

Incognito Mode is a common feature on most web browsers that allows users to surf the web without saving their histories. That prevents their activity from being tracked and stops it from informing future internet sessions. Users of the YouTube app can already access this feature on Android devices through the app’s settings, where watch and search history can be paused. According to Android Police, however, a “turn on incognito” option will soon appear in the drop-down that appears when users tap their account avatars.

While Incognito Mode is sometimes jokingly referred to as “porn mode” due to the perceived viewing habits of its users, the feature has plenty of utility even for those who aren’t seeking adult material. It provides a layer of protection from YouTube’s recommendation algorithm, which has been known to make some dubious choices in the past. Also, even if you’re not watching porn, you still might not want people who access your YouTube account to know just how many Dr. Pimple Popper videos you’ve watched.

Android Police said that references to Incognito Mode already exist within the code of the YouTube app. If you have an Android device, keep an eye on the YouTube app to see if you receive access to the new Incognito Mode in a forthcoming update.

Source: www.tubefilter.com

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